Aloha From Maui and
THANK YOU for considering HANA4LESS Tours.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were forced to CLOSE OUR DOORS in 2020 and since Maui is about 98% tourist related, the island became a ghost town.

We were hoping that by 2021, things would be back to normal and we could start offering tours to Hana by Summer. However, with different variants of the virus being brought in by travelers there is no way I can GUARANTEE my clients safety.

I have taken the precautions to GUARANTEE their safety while traveling in my vehicle, but there is NO WAY to GUARANTEE their safety at the numerous daily stops. 

With over a thousands tourist arriving every day and a small percentage of them
who think they are above the law and REFUSE to follow simple guidelines of wearing a mask and social distancing on the beaches and restaurants, there is NO WAY to control what happens on the Road to Hana.

The police force in Hana is very small and has a lot of area to patrol. So there is NO WAY they can monitor the road properly. Even the Rangers can't handle the amount of people at the different parks.

I would rather loose business than be responsible for one of my clients getting
sick from this virus. I have decided NOT TO REOPEN until a larger majority of the world's population have been vaccinated and mask requirements have been lifted and cruise ships are back in business.

Thank You For Your Time.